98% of businesses rely on

Referrals to get new business

Only 3% of businesses have a strategy for referrals.

Why not make BNI Adelaide part of your referrals strategy?

I want to find out more about word of mouth marketing
I’d like to grow my business with referrals
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“Giving and receiving money is like having a sugar fix, you get a high and then it’s over — you’re forgotten. Helping someone in a way which touches their heart and soul is like embedding yourself within their long term memory.”

Juen Phie
Accountant – P&Y Partners, BNI Advantage – Adelaide

Welcome to

BNI Adelaide CBD & South

BNI is Australia’s first choice business networking organisation for business owners and managers looking to grow their business. BNI Adelaide CBD & South offer our members a collaborative community and the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, and most importantly, business referrals!

Now, more than ever, Adelaide businesses need to network to thrive in business. The rise of the digital landscape allows you to leverage both our local, national and global membership network to achieve your dreams. BNI Adelaide CBD & South provides you with a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving business.

We do so by providing an environment in which you develop powerful business relationships with dozens of other qualified business professionals who have a similar growth mind set. By establishing this relationship with other people, you will have the opportunity to substantially increase your business.

BNI Adelaide CBD & South Numbers

204 +


6.1K +

Referrals to Members
(Last 12 Months)

9 +

(And Growing)

$10.1M +

Closed Business to Members in the Region
(Last 12 Months)

BNI Australia Numbers

6,200 +


300K +

Referrals to Members
(Last 12 Months)

220 +

(And Growing)

$500M +

Closed Business to Members in Australia
(Last 12 Months)

BNI Global Numbers

270K +



Referrals to Members
(Last 12 Months)

9,500 +

(And Growing)

$16.7B +

Member Closed Business
(Last 12 Months)


Build networks and partnerships

Let your network tell your story.

Generate sales through word of mouth

Facts tell. Stories sell.

Join a team of like minded businesses

Strength in numbers. You’re not alone.

Focus on your

Work on your business not in it.

Collaboration not competition

Share the work. Share the profit.

What people say about BNI Adelaide CBD & South:

“From connecting with visitors to generating referrals for fellow members — the number 1 skill you should develop is listening. The opportunities will flow when you really listen with purpose.”

What people say about BNI Adelaide CBD & South:

“BNI is very similar to all areas of life. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! If you are specific with your referral request, the easier your fellow members can help.”

What people say about BNI Adelaide CBD & South:

“Treat members how they want to be treated. If you want to gain from them, give to them. Put yourself second and you will come out on top.”

What people say about BNI Adelaide CBD & South:

“Share your why and ask your fellow members about theirs — this will be a huge motivation to help grow each other’s businesses.”

98% of businesses rely on referrals to get new business, yet only 3% of businesses have a strategy for referrals.

  • Substantially increase business through referrals
  • Increase exposure to hundreds of other business professionals
  • Participation in 50+ business networking events per year
  • Learn to effectively promote your business
  • Participate in structured learning programs
  • Participate in Leadership Team Training
  • Advanced Member Success Learning activities
  • Participate in business trades shows & conferences
Make BNI part of your referral strategy.
Contact us to find the right chapter for you.
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About Us

BNI Adelaide CBD & South is Adelaide’s largest and most established BNI network with nine chapters ranging from Norwood to Port Noarlunga.

Our members are quality business professionals from all industries who help each other to increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program. This enables members to develop long-term meaningful relationships, outside of their immediate network of clients and referral partners.

The BNI core value of ‘Giver’s Gain’ is not only promoted at the chapter level but embraced by BNI Adelaide CBD & South. By continuing to support all our chapters with specialist Directors and Ambassadors, who provide guidance in ensuring the success of the chapter and its members, we ultimately ensure the growth and longevity of our network in SA.


Stories from our members

More than I could ever have wished for.
After relocating to Adelaide from Melbourne I had a very limited network. I knew that if I was to grow my business in South Australia, where word of mouth is so powerful, I needed to expand my network. After unsuccessfully attending several informal networking events I discovered BNI Adelaide and my experience has been a stark contrast.

I was introduced to a local chapter by the Regional Director 4 years ago and have been a member ever since. While the connections and word of mouth referrals have more than paid for the membership, many times over, the reason I stay a member is the sense of community and genuine friendships that have grown over the years.

Thank you BNI Adelaide, the change you have made in my business is honestly profound and stunning.

Wayne Heywood, Creative Director of Arte Branding & Design

Right time. Right Place.
After a career in advertising, I thought I knew how to promote my copywriting business. As is turns out, the longer I was in business, the more my contact list seemed to shrink. I needed to increase my exposure by hitting the networking scene. However, that’s a hard slog for little return.

My wife has been in BNI for six years and is highly successful largely though the contacts and relationships she had made with members. I had been to a chapter meeting before but it wasn’t the right time for me. She recommended that I attend her chapter again when she became president and  I knew ten minutes into the meeting that I was going to join.

I’ve been a member just shy of two years and have more than made back my investment. What I love though, is being able to help other business owners, getting to know more about them and their business, and finding them a good solid business referral.

And thanks to the BNI system, helping out fellow members is wonderfully reciprocated. 

Steve Williss, Owner of WriteMind

Using the cross chapter power of BNI

Using the cross chapter power of BNI

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BNI backs Backpacks 4 SA Kids

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Business, burgers and BNI — a tasty combo

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Attend a Networking Event

BNI Advantage

The Rob Roy Hotel
106 Halifax Street, Adelaide

Friday, 6:30 AM

BNI Business Leaders

Rydges Adelaide
1 South Terrace, Adelaide

Thursday, 7:00 AM

BNI Bayside

Morphett Arms Hotel
138 Morphett Road, Glengowrie

Thursday, 7:15 AM

BNI Evolve

Arkaba Hotel
150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton SA 5063

Thursday, 7:30 AM

BNI Go Givers

Christies Beach Surf Life Saving Club
Esplanade, Christies Beach SA 5165

Wednesday, 7:15am

BNI Synergy

The Rob Roy Hotel
106 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Wednesday, 10:00 AM

BNI Success

Damien on Fisher Restaurant
123 Fisher Street, Fullarton

Friday, 9:30 AM

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