BNI Advantage

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BNI Advantage

BNI Advantage is Adelaide’s largest BNI group. We have a strong camaraderie amongst our members who genuinely want each other to succeed and help each other achieve that success. We have a professional, winning culture, strong personal friendships and relationships, and exciting meetings where visitors are always complimenting us on the ‘buzz’ of the room.

Experience our meetings for yourself at 6.45 am – 8.30 am Friday mornings.

Kent Town Hotel, 76 Rundle Street, SA 5067 

6.30 am – 8.30 am Friday Morning

BNI Adelaide CBD & South

Current Members / Trade List

Click the button below to download the list of current members for this chapter. You can see who is in the chapter, the trading seat that they hold, their company name and phone number.

It’s a great way to look for people who you will want to seek out during the pre/post meeting networking sessions. Each trade can only be represented once in a chapter but this will provide a great indication of how we split up those seats.

Applying to Join This Chapter

Interested in joining this BNI chapter. Use the links below to go to our online application form and start the process now.

Click here to complete an online application form or scan the QR Code to complete an application on your phone.