A journey embracing the spirit of BNI.

Stephanie Tuominen

BNI Team
In the dynamic world of business networking, where relationships are paramount and opportunities abound, Stephanie Tuominen stands out as a shining example of dedication and leadership. Stephanie’s journey in business networking took a transformative turn when she joined BNI, which ultimately culminated in her receiving the inaugural Spirit Award.

The ‘Allure’ of digital marketing.

Stephanie’s venture into marketing was a natural progression from her family’s background in the hotel industry. Armed with her experiences and an innate flair for marketing, she transitioned seamlessly into the digital marketing arena, founding Allure Digital Marketing. Stephanie’s perseverance and passion for marketing propelled her forward despite initial challenges.

Evolving into the number one chapter.

Her introduction to BNI came through a friend’s recommendation, leading her to join BNI Evolve. Little did she know that this decision would mark the beginning of a remarkable journey. Initially hesitant about assuming a leadership role, Stephanie eventually took on the mantle of President within the BNI chapter, driven by a desire to contribute and make a difference.

Under her guidance, the chapter flourished, witnessing a significant increase in membership and fostering a supportive environment that led to chapter growth. Stephanie’s leadership style, characterised by warmth and inclusivity, was pivotal in attracting diverse members and nurturing a sense of camaraderie within the group.

Reflecting on her Presidency, Stephanie acknowledged her challenges and the personal growth it fostered. Despite initial apprehensions, she embraced the role wholeheartedly. Aided by Vice President Alfredo Cabada and Secretary/Treasurer Brian Sayers, she was guided by a steadfast determination to make a positive impact. Her tenure left an indelible imprint on its members, inspiring renewed enthusiasm and engagement.

The importance of relationships.

Stephanie’s unwavering commitment to nurturing relationships resonated deeply with BNI’s core values. She stresses the importance of building genuine connections, recognising that meaningful relationships are the bedrock of successful networking. Her dedication to embracing a culture of collaboration and support within her chapter exemplified the BNI ethos.

Steph’s reward for outstanding leadership.

The pinnacle of her BNI journey to date came with the inaugural Spirit Award, a testament to her exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication. Though she could not attend last year’s Adelaide CBD & South Regional Awards ceremony in person, due to being overseas, the recognition served as a poignant validation of her efforts and achievements.

For Stephanie, the Spirit Award symbolises more than just accolades; it reaffirmed her belief in the power of community and collaboration. It reaffirmed her BNI journey and reinforced the fantastic potential of leadership and serving others.

As she continues her journey, Stephanie remains committed to BNI’s core values and principles—integrity, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence—which guide her in business. Her story inspires other members and business leaders, illustrating the profound impact of passion, perseverance, and authentic connection in fostering success.