Trusted Business Relationships

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One of the most valuable components of any relationship is trust. In fact, it’s safe to say that without trust, any relationship is doomed. Business relationships are no different. No business relationship lacking trust will ever be productive, profitable, and long-lasting. Trusted business relationships are the key to efficient, enjoyable and lucrative business. 

Consider the business relationships you currently have that are full of trust. The members of your Chapter specifically.

Who in the Chapter are you most confident in referring to your friends, family, and valued clients? 

How high is the trust level between you and that member?

How about when someone has joined the Chapter and is attending their first meeting? You haven’t had a chance to even speak to this person yet. How high is the trust level between you and this stranger, and how confident are you about referring to them?

The beauty of the BNI system is that over the coming weeks; you’ll get to know this new member better through a One-to-One, their Weekly Presentations, and the open networking before and after the meeting. Perhaps you’ll even attend a social event with them, or maybe you’ll have an opportunity to trial their services yourself.

That relationship is fast-tracked. You get to know them quicker than you would outside the BNI system, and the path to forming a trusted business relationship is sped up substantially. The sooner that trusted relationship is established, the sooner you both benefit from each other’s networks and the referrals they can provide.

Trusted Business Relationships

In thirty-four years, BNI has seen continuous improvement. 

Those in BNI now, benefit from this highly evolved system, and, provided they follow it, enjoy an unfair advantage over their competition by being part of the largest and most successful referral marketing organisation in the world.

There’s a “why” behind everything we do in BNI. 

Whether it’s the components of the online Member Success Program, New Member Orientation, the renewal approval process, or the 20-point agenda that each President around the world follows when chairing the weekly Chapter meeting.

We train our members well. Leadership Teams are trained on how to best perform their roles. Membership Committee members are trained on how to successfully manage their Chapter’s membership in everyone’s best interests. Each member is trained early on in their membership, to help them get the best out of the BNI system.

All of this training of people, and continuous improvement and evolution of the process, allow all members to trust the BNI system itself and the members they form relationships with.

After more than three decades, it’s rare for anything ever to occur that hasn’t occurred previously. Virtually every possible eventuality is allowed for and planned for. There’s a process in place for everything that requires one.

You can put your faith in the BNI system and if you do come across something you don’t understand, simply ask questions. If your Membership Committee or Leadership Team don’t know the answer, they can ask the Chapter’s Director Consultant.

If you can see the value in trusted business relationships, trust in the BNI system to help you make more relationships like this with the kinds of people you’re seeking.

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