Recognition – Let’s do it right

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In just over a week, BNI takes a break over the festive period. When we come back in January, we start a fresh BNI year with new goals, and for many, a refreshed perspective. But when do we acknowledge and recognise our wins for 2018? After all, “Recognition” is one of BNI’s Core Values, and contributes in a large way to the success of our members. 

Well, in case you haven’t heard, due to popular demand, the BNI Annual Awards Breakfast is back in 2019. On February 1st, we celebrate the achievements of the previous year at the Festival Function Centre in Findon. This event replaces all Chapter meetings for that week and will be held from 7:40 am to 9:00 am. 

Those who attended the Annual Awards Breakfasts previously, understand how beneficial this event is. We all know that recognition is important, acknowledgement for those in our Chapter who have excelled is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for their efforts. It’s not so much the award itself, but the recognition it signifies. 


It’s not just the award winners who benefit from this event either. As we recognise the achievements of our fellow Chapter members, we assure them that their efforts are noticed and appreciated, and this inspires them to continue to excel. Members of our Chapter who continually excel and add value can only mean good things for us, the other members.

In addition to the cultural benefits outlined above, the Annual Awards Breakfast gives members an opportunity to engage with approximately 400 like-minded business professionals and learn some “secrets to success” from the owner of one of South Australia’s most iconic brands, who will be delivering the keynote.

So, as this year draws to a close, we can all look forward to the Annual Awards Breakfast in February. It’s a great opportunity to network with members of other Chapters, but more importantly, it’s our time to show gratitude and appreciation for those members who are going out of their way to help each of us and our Chapter. 

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