Recognition – Acknowledgment and reward

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An important element of the BNI core values is recognition. Recognition is widely regarded as a critical component of any successful organisation, and those organisations who recognise their team members appropriately, enjoy higher levels of success than those who don’t.


Recognising the most actively engaged and highest contributing members is something BNI prides itself on. This focus on recognition at appropriate times has been an integral part of the success at each individual Chapter for at least the past 9 years of my involvement in the organisation.

Not that we ignore those who aren’t achieving high levels of success. Far from it. We have support structures and training / mentoring programs in place to ensure that every member has the best opportunity to see a great return on their BNI investment. But spending all our time, energy, and resources on only lifting people would be a mistake. Those who are excelling deserve acknowledgment and reward for the contribution they make, and that’s where Pareto Club comes in.


Pareto Club

Approximately once a quarter, BNI South Australia runs a special event for all members who have sat consistently in the green on the Chapter traffic lights report. These are quality events where members not only get to rub shoulders with the highest contributing members from every other BNI SA Chapter, they are also treated to first-rate guest speakers and high calibre activities.

Qualifying for Pareto Club

To qualify for an invite to the next Pareto Club event, all you need to do is maintain activity levels which place you in the green section of your Chapter’s Member Traffic Lights report for the quarter. The higher your activity levels, the earlier you’ll receive your invite and as every previous event has sold out within days, it’s only fair that those achieving a score of 100 points get first dibs. 

Imagine how much more value every member of your chapter would receive if every member committed to achieving or exceeding the recommended activity levels for the 5 key fundamental success drivers? Scoring 100 points in the Member Traffic Lights is as simple as achieving the Power-Of-One.

Want to know more?

If mixing with South Australia’s networking elite sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, have a chat to the members of your Chapter and ask them who has been to a Pareto Club event previously. The feedback we’ve had from such events has been overwhelmingly positive both in terms of an off-the-charts Net Promoter Score and speed in which every event sells out.

This demand has led to an increased number of members achieving green level status in the Member Traffic Lights in order to qualify for attendance.

Since introducing Pareto Club approximately 2 years ago, the proportion of members in the green has nearly doubled and, correspondingly, the average chair value has increased by approximately 25% region wide.

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