Seize the moment

Scott White

BNI Team
Scott White is the founder and director of Creative Serum, a strategic marketing agency based in Adelaide, South Australia. He recently won a BNI Adelaide CBD & South Givers Gain award for 2022.
Scott has been a member of BNI Advantage for eight years. He is a founding member and has achieved numerous awards, including Regional Givers Gain, Million Dollar Club, Hall of Fame, and as part of the Chapter of the Year in 2021 and 2022. Scott is a passionate advocate of BNI’s core values, particularly Givers Gain and Building Relationships, which have significantly impacted his personal and professional life.
Scott’s commitment to Givers Gain is evident in his approach to business. He believes that success comes from giving back to others within the BNI community and in business. By helping others, Scott has increased his visibility and credibility within the BNI network, resulting in new business opportunities and stronger relationships with his colleagues. This philosophy has also influenced his business practices, resulting in easy sales and stronger client relationships.
Building Relationships is another core value with which Scott strongly associates. His ability to build rapport with almost anyone he meets is a key factor in his personal and business success. Scott’s business model is now highly focused on creating and maintaining long-term customer relationships based on 12 or 24-month service terms. In fact, building and nurturing relationships has become a core value of Creative Serum.

Joining a BNI to grow his network and achieve his business goals

Being able to join a start-up chapter meant that Scott was learning and growing his networking skills alongside his fellow members in a supportive and welcoming environment. He believes that BNI networking events benefit his business because they provide a regular rhythm to his weekly routine, helping him stay focused on his business goals. “The weekly meetings also provide a platform for discussing business challenges and opportunities with members and visitors, which subsequently leads to new business opportunities and faster results.”
Scott’s best business networking tip?  “Seize the moment and schedule a follow-up meeting with a new connection during open networking. It’s easy to forget or miss an opportunity if you don’t act quickly, leaving money on the table.”
Scott advises anyone thinking of taking their networking to the next level by joining a BNI group to have a clear idea and plan for their next three years in life and business.  “BNI can be one of the most impactful resources towards achieving those goals, but it’s important to communicate your plan to your fellow members and track your progress.”
Scott is a prime example of how applying the Givers Gain principle in business can help you every day. He has created a working environment within his company that supports his team with flexibility, empowerment, and peer-to-peer style leadership. As a result, Scott has ‘gained’ from their appreciation towards this approach in the commitment, loyalty, and focus on building and maintaining credibility and confidence among their clients.
For their clients, Creative Serum is passionate about making a significant difference in their businesses through strategic marketing.  “By focusing on our client’s sales more than our own, we’ve achieved excellent relationships resulting in long-term business and glowing customer referrals.”
As a highly successful business owner and BNI member, Scott White’s approach to business networking and relationship building has helped him achieve significant personal and professional success.
As a recent recipient of the Givers Gain award, Scott inspires others to succeed by giving back to others both personally and professionally.