Invest time in relationships

Nicole Swaine

Adelaide Business Networking Events
Nicole Swaine is a highly motivated and accomplished businesswoman making waves in her industry. As the founder and CEO of Explore Potential Consulting, she is committed to helping businesses reach their full potential by providing customised consulting services.
Nicole is part of BNI Advantage, where she holds the HR seat. With just over 12 months of experience as a member of BNI, Nicole has been recognised as the Rookie of the Year in the 2022 BNI Adelaide CBD & South Regional Awards, a testament to her drive and determination to succeed.

Givers Gain is the foundation

One of the core values of BNI is Givers Gain and Nicole fully embodies this philosophy. Even before joining BNI, she had always believed that success comes from helping others succeed. This has been a major factor in her professional and personal development and is what drew her to BNI initially. This was a core value for me before BNI, and I love that it’s the foundation of BNI.”
Nicole had known BNI Advantage past President Mel Gibson for many years, and when Mel moved back to SA, they reconnected. “When Mel invited me to her BNI meeting, I was hooked. I saw that BNI was built on the principle of supporting others and knew it was a perfect fit for me.”
Since joining BNI, Nicole has experienced tremendous growth in her business. She has built meaningful relationships with fellow members, and they have become her go-to source for advice and support. “BNI networking events have been instrumental in expanding my business. I’ve been able to connect with people who are passionate about what they do.” As a result of her relationships and collaborations in BNI, Nicole has significantly increased her client base and revenue.

Spend time with people who are genuinely interested in your success

Nicole’s best business networking tip? “Surround yourself with people who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.” This means building relationships with people who are genuinely interested in your success and willing to help you achieve your goals. Doing so creates a network of supporters who will advocate for you and help you succeed.
For those considering joining a BNI group, Nicole recommends taking the plunge. She believes that it is the best investment she has made, not only in her business but also in herself. “The networking and training opportunities offered by BNI are second to none, and they have been instrumental in helping me develop professionally and personally.”
For new members, Nicole offers the following tips to get the most out of their first year:
  1. Embrace the Givers Gain philosophy. This means giving without expecting anything in return. Doing so creates a positive impression and builds trust with fellow members.
  2. Invest time in building relationships. Networking is not a one-time event but a continuous process of building and nurturing relationships. Take the time to get to know your fellow members and understand their businesses.
  3. Take advantage of networking and training opportunities. BNI offers a wealth of resources and opportunities to help you grow your business. Attend as many networking events as possible and take advantage of the training sessions to develop your skills.
Nicole is a true testament to the benefits of BNI. Her commitment to Givers Gain and her willingness to invest in herself and her business has propelled her to even greater success. As a member of BNI Advantage, she has built meaningful relationships and expanded her network, which has helped her grow her business and achieve her goals.