Projecting in your weekly presentation

Written by Sanja Hendrick, Talent Academy

Now that we’re at the Kent Town Hotel, we have lots of space for networking but also lots of space to fill with our voices when we stand and speak! So don’t forget to follow these handy tips.

1.Use the edges of the room

Make sure your back doesn’t face anyone when you stand to speak. Step out of your seat, go to the end of the room or ideally the front where the screen is. Look for your name coming up and be in the wings, ready to jump up and do your referral request!

2.You DO have a big voice in you when you need

Consider this room to be the environment that needs it! You don’t sound as loud as you think you are so push yourself to project and speak up.

3. Lift your chin and breathe deeply

Let your diaphragm do the hard work and give it lots of room. Straight back, chin up and deep breaths.

4. Throw your voice

Imagine pitching your voice like a ball and throw it to the back windows in the room. The people at every opposite end of the room are the ones to focus on – they need to hear you clearly.