Givers Gain

May 2023

Rob Homes,

Rnegade Detailing

1. Tell us about Rnegade Detailing

Rnegade Detailing came about from when I was working at a dealership, however I was never given the chance to really stretch and learn and up skill and over some weekend projects that all changed and after a change of ownership I was not needed so I took the chance to go out on my own. I ended up subbing back as a contractor – they needed me after all – but I got the chance to develop my own brand and grow.

Why you started

Because a opportunity appeared to clean up a bunch of vehicles that were stuck in the clay pans in Whyalla and no one else locally would touch it. I like a challenge and I had the time to give it a shot with little to lose.

How you support your clients

By really trying to understand what the vehicle needs are, what their expectations are, how we can help and if we are the best solution for them.

What makes Rnegade Detailing unique?

We have always been a client focused service, meaning we offer a solution or service to suite what the vehicle needs, based on the clients information, expectations and needs. Not a “one size fits all” approach but a unique offering so that the end results match or exceed the request.

How do you hope to evolve over the coming years?

To adjust the client target market with the brand changes to target specifically a more niche clientele to offer a really unique service to the industry, clients and events that no one else seems to be doing in Adelaide.

2. When and why did you join BNI?

October 2018. After my wife had me sub and visit BNI a few times, Omar inviting me to Advantage for a while, finally subbing for Jerry last minute, I then got the chance to see what it was really all about. Omar sponsored my membership with more than a friendly face and support giving me the chance to help turn my business around.

3. What’s your favourite thing about being an Advantage Avenger?

Knowing that I am a part of something bigger and that I get to contribute to others success stories, support their journeys and be part of something that I never thought was possible.

4. Who is your spirit Avenger and why?

5. Best piece of advice you ever received?

From Priya – “Know your worth”. That simple statement helped me more than any 3 words ever could.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

6. You’ve been instrumental in the success of our new members as the New Member Mentor. What’s your top tip for new members to be successful in BNI?

To learn that the members have far more to give than referrals. The support you get for both business and personal life is far beyond expectations and it is truly life changing. No amount of TYFCB will match it.

7. Who is Rob outside of Rnegade Detailing?

Father and Step Father of 6 amazing kids, Husband to a powerhouse of a wife, someone who loves animals (mainly dogs and birds of prey) and a key mountain biker who also loves camping and 4wheel driving.

8. Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

Yes, Double it up thanks.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

9. For you, what would be the ultimate BNI Advantage social event?

I think the Go Kart event really came close to being the best event, hhowever a big beach party would be amazing!

10. What are your top three goals for the next three years?

  • Build up Summit Car Care so it can be run by the manager and team, without me.
  • Build and Develop Refined Car Care ready for franchise / licensing
  • Develop my training platform for Detailers wanting to enter the industry and offer skills and business coaching solutions.