Chapter Education Units

Written by Sonya Noonan

We all need to grow and develop both personally and, in our business.

CEU points will help you get the most out of BNI, but they also help you get the most out of your
Business and other networking events.

CEU, Per Week Points
1 20
.75 - .99 15
.5 - .74 10
.25 - .49 5
< .25

What are CEUs?
CEU stands for Chapter Education Units. Members have the ability to be recognised for participating in activities that improve their networking knowledge. Members get points based on the activity that they perform in the week, and these points contribute to their Member Traffic Lights score.

Why do we have CEUs?
Learning is one of BNI’s core values, and its well documented that “the more we learn the more we earn”. As you know Chapters have aggressive closed business targets to meet! There is a great webinar on this, watch it to start to accumulate your CEU’s for the week:

What do CEUs look like on BNI Connect?

How can I enter CEUs?
Watch this short Webinar (3min) on how to enter the CEUs into BNI Connect: -Online-Chapter- Educational-Units-

Once you have watched it don’t forget to add it to your list of Podcasts for the week towards getting your 1 CEU for the week.

How will CEUs be tracked / monitored?
CEUs will be incorporated into the performance measurement of our members through the Member Traffic Lights. This will provide the Mentor Coordinator and Membership Committee with a discussion point for members that are struggling with their contribution to the membership and are having difficulty reaching Chapter performance benchmarks.

How should CEUs be managed?
Members will enter their activity into BNI Connect using the honour system. In order to achieve consistency, BNI provides guidelines on how to recognise learning activity. The following activities achieve CEU credits: reading BNI SuccessNet, reading a BNI book, books on business networking, listening to and/or watching BNI Podcasts & Webinars.

What Education activities achieve CEU Credits?

1) BNI SuccessNet – 1 point

BNI’s newsletter SuccessNet is regularly distributed by BNI via email. This email has some great networking tips. Simply read that each week for 1 point per week. Here is the link to subscribe to BNI SuccessNet

2) 5 Podcasts/Webinars/BNI Business Builder – 1 point

For every one hour spent either listening to Podcasts, attending Webinars or doing learning on BNI Business Builder (BNI University) you receive 1 point towards your weekly commitment to BNI.

There are hundreds of podcasts on

You also can go to to listen to any one of the hundreds of Podcasts that are there in the library.

You can also go to to listen to the BNI & the Power of One Podcast by Tim Roberts.

You can also go to to list to the BNI Australia Podcast

Hazel Walker has a lot of short videos that I enjoy watching, you can go to her YouTube Channel to have a look –

3) Member Success Program – 2 points

BNI National Office runs Member Success Program (MSP) weekly on Zoom. I highly recommend you do this at least every 12 months. You can register for sessions by going to the events link in your BNI Connect Profile ->

4) Leadership Team Training and – 3 points

Leadership Team Training is held every 6 months in March and in September. LT members taking on a role in their Chapter are required to attend these events. You should be notified by your Director when this training is happening, or you can use this link to check ->
BNI Business Builder also has a whole series of Leadership Training on there as well.

5) Advanced BNI Business Training – 4 points

Links will come out from time to time on training opportunities. Advanced Member Success Program may also be held in your area. This may be different in your region, so please liaise with your local BNI Director or BNI Ambassador.

6) Other BNI Endorsed Networking Workshop – 5 points

Links and invitations will be sent for Networking events from time to time. This may be different in your region, so please liaise with your local BNI Director or BNI Ambassador.

7) Reading a BNI Book by Ivan Misner, or other books on business networking – 5 points

Ivan has written many books, and he has collaborated with some incredible people for many more. There are other books on business networking that may also be relevant.

To have a look at what Books Ivan has written you can go to my resource page ->

Here is a copy of the book The Connector Effect, written by Ivan Misner, Graham Weihmiller & Robert Skrob ->