An Aussie-style one-to-one

with Dr Ivan Misner


In an exclusive and rare opportunity, Tamara Caire, a seasoned member of BNI Advantage in Adelaide and an accomplished networker and regional leader, recently had the privilege of a one-to-one meeting with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Chief Visionary Officer of BNI Global.

The meeting was part of Founder’s Day 2023, where BNI members had the opportunity to connect directly with the visionary mind behind the world’s largest referral marketing organisation.

BNI Team

Recapping the special meeting.

Tamara Caire, Vice President of Australia’s largest BNI chapter, stumbled upon the chance to engage with Dr Ivan Misner through a post shared by Executive Director, Simon Derrick-Roberts.

“Simon announced the rare opportunity for BNI members to have one-to-one sessions with the founder himself. Dr. Ivan Misner’s expertise was up for grabs, and I decided to seize the opportunity and register.”

Out of 600+ applications, only ten lucky individuals from around the globe, including Tamara, were selected for the coveted one-on-ones.

A surreal experience.

The one-to-one session proved to be a surreal experience for Tamara.

“Having watched and listened to Dr Misner countless times on screens, YouTube videos, and podcasts, it was hard to believe I was having a live conversation with him.”

The realisation that he was genuinely addressing her, and not just a recorded video, struck her midway through the conversation. The unique encounter left her inspired and eager to make the most of the valuable insights she gained.

Advice for sustaining enthusiasm in BNI membership.

As a committed BNI member for over a decade, Tamara sought Dr Misner’s advice on staying invigorated in her BNI membership and avoiding falling into autopilot mode. The Chief Visionary Officer responded simply yet profoundly: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Dr Misner emphasised the importance of adopting a long-term approach to networking, where some weeks may be more productive than others. He suggested becoming a networking mentor to remain engaged and motivated. By mentoring new members, seasoned BNI participants can gain fresh insights and ideas, contributing to their personal growth within the organisation.

Leveraging BNI’s global reach.

Another topic of discussion centred around accessing and leveraging BNI’s global network. Dr. Ivan Misner offered valuable advice to Tamara and other members interested in exploring opportunities beyond their local chapters.

“He recommended maximising my BNI Connect profile, participating in BNI Connect groups, and visiting chapters worldwide. With 68% of chapters purely face-to-face, 16% purely online, and 16% following a hybrid format, there are numerous avenues for BNI members to connect and expand their reach globally.”

Scaling a business: Dr. Misner’s proven tips.

Given Dr. Misner’s success in scaling BNI from humble beginnings in his garage to a global powerhouse, Tamara inquired about his tips for scaling a business effectively. The visionary leader shared six key principles that have been instrumental in his journey:


  • Repetition: Focus on doing six things a thousand times, not a thousand things six times. Consistent repetition is vital for success.
  • Systems and processes: Create systems and processes within your business to facilitate growth and scalability.
  • Hiring and firing: Hire employees thoughtfully and slowly, and be ready to part ways quickly with team members not aligned with your goals.
  • Who’s in Your Room: Dr. Misner recommended his book ‘Who’s in Your Room?’ as a valuable resource for making strategic decisions about people in your professional life.
  • Delegating responsibility and authority: To foster growth, delegate responsibility and decision-making authority to your team members.
  • Garage to Global: Dr. Misner hinted at his upcoming book, ‘Garage to Global,’ that he is writing with BNI Chairman and CEO, Graham Weihmiller, and is likely to provide valuable insights into successfully scaling a business.

A memorable experience.

Tamara Caire’s exclusive one-to-one meeting with Dr. Ivan Misner was a memorable and transformative experience. She gained invaluable advice on sustaining enthusiasm in her membership, leveraging BNI’s global network, and scaling a business successfully.

Dr. Misner’s wisdom and genuine commitment to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide showcase the essence of BNI’s mission – “Changing the Way the World Does Business.” Tamara continues to thrive in her own business, NFM Marketing, while contributing her expertise to mentor and uplift fellow BNI members within her chapter and as a highly valued adviser to BNI SA CBD & South’s regional team.

The encounter with the legendary founder of BNI has indelibly enriched Tamara’s entrepreneurial journey, fuelling her determination to reach even greater heights of success.