Business Networking Events in Adelaide

Networking Events in the Adelaide CBD & South region.

Ambitious people wants to grow their business and be more profitable, right?

Would utilising a professional network to grow your business through qualified referrals and strategic introductions pique your interest?

BNI Adelaide CBD & South is an organisation that helps businesses succeed by building trusting relationships with like-minded businesspeople. Our events are lively and designed to engage visitors and demonstrate the benefits of being a part of a network that focuses on creating opportunities for business growth, personal development, building relationships, and making strategic connections through referral marketing.

Visit one of our many networking events throughout the Adelaide CBD & South region and discover how a 90-minute event could change how you do business.

We hold networking events every week in various locations across Adelaide and regional SA. We invite you to experience a typical chapter meeting, meet our members, and decide if this might be the right vehicle to help grow your business.

BNI Adelaide CBD & South

Why do successful Adelaide businesspeople choose BNI?

  • Relationship-based referral marketing system that works
  • Regular, quality referrals from trusted members
  • Access to people from a diverse range of industries, cultures, and age groups
  • Only 1 business owner per profession, per chapter [i.e., one tax accountant, plumber, printer, etc.]
  • Lively events every week to maintain engagement
  • Ongoing professional networking education
  • Personal and business development

There are many success stories in BNI. We encourage you to visit an event and decide for yourself if what you see is a viable way of growing your business.

Let’s talk!

If you’d like to know more about BNI, or some help in finding the right networking event for your business – please fill in the form below.  One of our Executive Team will be in touch within 1 business day to help.