Givers Gain

September 2022

Sue Tyler,

Xpresso Delight

1. Tell us about Xpresso Delight

Why you started

In 2014 I was looking to get out of a bad work environment and wanted to work for myself. I found Xpresso Delight and kept coming back to it. I really liked the idea of being able to help people.

How you support your clients

My ideal customers are business’s with large staff members. I help save them money – on average $3,500 per staff member – and increase their staff moral by helping them show that they appreciate their staff members and clients.

This results in happy staff and clients that feel appreciated, and a personal concierge who looks after the machine each week or when there are any problems.

What makes you unique?

They can call me anytime if there are any issues and I will be there ASAP to fix the issues or swap with another machine. I tidy up the kitchen and help them in any way I can.

2. When and why did you join BNI?

July 2015 I started my business and BNI. Xpresso Delight see the value in BNI so they sign all their new franchisees into BNI for the first year. Then it’s up to us if we want to continue or not.

3. What’s your favourite thing about being an Advantage Avenger?

There is no one thing, it’s a package deal. But for me starting both BNI and my business together –as I far as I’m concerned BNI is part of my business. The support and personal growth far outweigh the money part of it all.

4. Who is your spirit Avenger and why?

5. Best piece of advice you ever received?

Give BNI 2 years minimum. I really didn’t start to see anything happening financially or with referrals until about 16 months into it, and then it took off. But I experienced personal growth from the very beginning.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

6. You’ve been instrumental in the success of our visitor host team for several years. What’s your top tip for giving visitors a red carpet experience?

Making the role your own and giving it your personal touch. It’s all the little things that people don’t really see but put it all together make the whole experience awesome. I always look at it from the visitors’ point of view – remember what BNI would feel like to you if you had never never been before.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

7. Who is Sue outside of business?

I am married to an amazing, caring and loving man called Mark and we have just had our 34th wedding anniversary. I am a mum of two wonderful grown up kids and soon to be a Nana. I have a German Shepherd Rosie, and a cat Fluffy Nuts. I love reading, Diamond Art, drawing and training Rosie. I love Pistol shooting and Motor Bike racing. I loved Boot Scootin when I lived in a small country town and love the countryside.

8. Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

Hell yes!

9. For you, what would be the ultimate BNI Advantage social event?

I would love to see us all do a team building day or weekend. Something like either a camp away for the weekend where we have lots of different challenges to work on together (obstacle courses and puzzles etc) or outdoor activities like canoeing, sports stuff, things like that.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

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