The BNI Coastal Advantage

Written by Steve Willis

The launch event of a new BNI Chapter is always an exciting time. Lots of people including fresh, wide-eyed members, their visitors, invited digni-taries, the BNI Regional Team, and other BNI members. It all goes to creat-ing a huge buzz around the room for their inaugural meeting.

That exact scenario happened in December with the launch of BNI Coastal. Week one saw 70 people at the event including the the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. David Spiers MP. Week two was no less enthusiastic but with
fewer numbers.

What’s that got to do with the Avengers?

Well, plenty. Because the launch team included your past president, web guru and all round funster, Scott White, Chapter Director Consultant, Sonya Noonan, and your Ambassador Steve Williss (Swills).

Together with Executive Director Simon Derrick-Roberts, the launch team undertook to get the BNI Coastal crew up and running through weekly dis-covery sessions that started back in late February.

Kudos also to the superstar Avengers who gave up their time to come down to the Seacliff Beach Hotel on a Tuesday morning to tell their BNI story and impart gems of BNI wisdom. They include Peta Shannon (now the official BNI Coastal Ambassador), Sue Tyler, Marty Edwards, Gary Paradise, Robbie Homes, Emily Melgar, Juen Phie, Georgina Turelli, and Craig Arnold.