Step on up!

Written by Craig Arnold

To say our chapter has experienced a crazy amount of growth lately is an understatement… largest chapter in Australia, over 70 members, $9.2 million in closed business. We are by any measure, killin’ it!

And just the word ‘Growth’ has its own vibe these days – it’s often a goal unto itself. People are constantly chasing the next big opportunity, manifesting a growth mindset, looking for new markets, products, team members –it’s a badge of honour in hustle culture.

And to be fair, without growth it can be easy to become complacent or lose ground in an increasingly busy world.

Plus, there are the very obvious benefits: more connections, more energy, more dollars, more ideas – just the number of referrals passed around each week is so impressive.

Of course, being part of a vibrant and successful chapter brings its own challenges and there are plenty of ways that managing the many moving parts will require more hands and more energy to stay on track. And keeping a culture that feels engaging and inclusive will take work as well.

Luckily we have plenty of smart, skilful members who are actively improving our culture and keeping an eye on our progress.

But I really wanted to talk about today is personal growth and what we are each willing to bring to the table.

It can be easy to sit back in second gear in a busy chapter and let things happen around you, but is that really serving you?

Putting more thought into who you can help, the problems you fix and what else you can learn is just so important in such an energetic community.
Plus of course what you put out, you get back (to paraphrase Arthur P our in-house philosopher).

What are you going to do to step up your game and elevate your efforts in the months to come?

Growth presents challenges and challenges are really opportunities, if you are willing to do the work