Givers Gain

March 2023

Devin Skrade,

in. Studio + Cafe

1. Tell us about in. Studio + Cafe

My wife and I became partners with the original founders of Café in July 2021 after moving to Adelaide from Los Angeles. Having worked in hospitality in Los Angeles for the previous 15 years, filling every role from bartender at a small Mexican cantina to Food & Beverage Manager at a 450 room Hilton property, it seemed logical for me to be the one to oversee our day-to-day operations that include café, bar and venue hire.

Aside from fantastic coffee and enthusiastic customer service, we offer a boutique and versatile Studio space that we hire out for meetings, workshops, lectures, galleries and networking events. The adjoining café makes catering and coffee seamless for our clients – typically coaches, non-profits, and small divisions within corporations. And the biggest area of growth for us is evening and weekend functions that utilize the entire venue, such as larger networking events, birthdays and bridal parties.

2. When and why did you join BNI?

We joined BNI in December 2021. It was an obvious fit for our business, which delivered a high-quality product and service that was frequently met with the phrase “I never knew this place was here!” The café is also a great meeting spot for members and their clients/guests. Bringing a new customer to the café for a coffee is the easiest referral in the game!

3. What’s your favourite thing about being an Advantage Avenger?

The team chemistry, if you will. This group genuinely cares for each other and wants everyone to succeed.

4. Who is your spirit Avenger and why?

5. Best piece of advice you ever received?

If you always work as hard as you can, you’ll get the benefit of the doubt when you’re having an “off” day.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

6. What does the idea of ‘Givers Gain’ mean to you?

Hospitality is about being in service of others. My core philosophy in business (and life) is that if you give yourself up to ensuring that the needs of those around you – clients, guests, friends, family, coworkers – are fulfilled, then you will also be fulfilled. And rewarded.

7. Who is Devin outside of business?

A screenwriting soccer junkie that just wants to lay on the couch and watch movies with his wife and 4 and ¾ year old son (and a glass of wine).

8. Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

Abomination. And you can tell Wayne I said so.

BNI Adelaide - Business Networking Meeting

9. For you, what would be the ultimate BNI Advantage social event?

I think we ticked the box on this one just before Christmas…

10. What are your top three goals for the next three years?

  • Sell a script
  • Buy a house
  • Double annual revenue from the day we joined the business. Not necessarily in that order!