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December 2022

The Power of Connection

Craig Arnold

In this age of endless social media, online everything and constant mobile communication, we have the opportunity to connect all the time. But increasingly these connections can feel superficial and insubstantial.

The antidote to this is deliberately making deeper connections.

Close connections bring us most of the good things in life – friends, family, partners pets –they are mostly the cornerstones to our happiness.

So building quality relationships is the key to having a happier life, a better career and more valuable connections.

If we’re looking to develop or strengthen relationships, there are some core habits we can work on to get to know others better and foster deep connections:

Be a great listener

Avoid leading off by explaining all of your ideas, and then forgetting to stop talking!
Listening not only informs you about the other person’s practical situation but also lets you know about their hopes, challenges and joys. These are the things make them unique and exciting!

Be Curious

The simplest way to understand someone is to ask questions. If you’ve ever had a date where the other person talked about themselves nonstop and didn’t ask you anything about yourself, then you’ll remember how quickly you wanted to run away screaming! Asking questions helps you understand someone and shows your willingness to explore what makes them tick. In essence, active curiosity gets you both to the heart of things quicker and more directly.

Be Generous

Generosity makes a great first impression – be willing to share your ideas and opportunities. We can’t expect things to come to us if we’re not willing to put in the same amount of effort. We create a positive dynamic by leading off with giving, even if it’s just connecting them with someone else who might help their situation.

So, here’s to listening, curiosity and generosity to build lasting connections that benefit us all!